Administrative Law

Davis & Cannon, LLP has wide-ranging experience with state and federal administrative agencies. Our attorneys handle matters before the Wyoming Department of Employment, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council, the Industrial Siting Council, the Wyoming Livestock Board, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Wyoming Board of Equalization, the Wyoming Public Service Commission, and the Board of Control.

Rulemaking and Regulations

We have provided assistance to monitor and help guide the process when an agency is formulating rules or policies and requesting public comment. We advise clients on the impact and meaning of various, sometimes byzantine, administrative rules.

Contested Case Hearings

With a strong litigation background, Davis & Cannon, LLP attorneys are very experienced presenting our clients' cases to administrative hearing officers and panels. We know that identifying and preserving the right legal arguments at this stage in the process is important, with an aim toward getting efficient results while still creating a favorable record for review in subsequent appeals.

Investigations and Compliance

Regulatory agencies may seem imposing to clients who are the subject of an investigation or are notified of compliance issues. Davis & Cannon, LLP understands the importance of managing any ongoing relationship with the regulatory agency and bringing matters to a conclusion as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Professional Licensing

Various boards in Wyoming oversee doctors, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists and other professionals. We have handled matters before the Board of Medicine, the Board of Nursing, the Board of Pharmacy, the Board of Certified Public Accountants, the Board of Professional Responsibility (governing Wyoming lawyers), and other licensing bodies. We understand the importance of protecting one's professional integrity and reputation, as well as preserving the right to earn a livelihood, and will ably assist our clients in preserving this right.

Utilities Regulation

Our lawyers have extensive experience with communication and utilities regulation before the Wyoming Public Service Commission


Obtaining a final decision from an administrative agency may require several levels of review, and it is important that administrative remedies be exhausted. When the dispute comes before the judiciary, our attorneys draw upon both their administrative law knowledge and their litigation experience to make persuasive appellate arguments.