ADR / Mediation

Often, with the growing expense of litigation, our clients are looking for an alternative method of resolving their disputes. Our attorneys have extensive experience at arbitration and mediation, two common forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We have been involved in all capacities of ADR, through representing clients, and also serving as the mediator or arbitrator.


In mediation, a neutral mediator is chosen to work with the parties to find a resolution that the parties can agree upon. This process is often less expensive than litigation and takes much less time than proceeding to trial. It can provide a confidential process with solutions that would not be possible through the court system. Mediation may be attempted while continuing to prepare a case for trial.
Our attorneys have had success in preparing clients for mediation, advocating for our clients to the mediator, and working to find solutions that fit our clients' needs.


Our lawyers are equally experienced with arbitration. By contract, or by agreement, parties may submit legal disputes to arbitration. Arbitration is similar to mediation, except that the arbitrator's decision is binding on the parties. In this way, the arbitrator's decision is like that of a judge.
Arbitration is often less expensive, and quicker than litigating matters through the court system. Arbitration decisions or awards can be made confidential.

Mediation Services

Based upon their extensive experience in representing clients in mediations in a variety of cases, several lawyers in the firm have been asked to serve as mediators. References regarding our mediation services will be provided upon request.