Employment Law

Davis & Cannon, LLP's lawyers are preeminent in defending Wyoming employers in all types of employment law cases, as well as advising employers how best to craft and implement practices that will keep them out of court. We know the complex case law regarding handbook language; we are familiar with the state and federal agencies that handle charges of discrimination, and we have extensive experience in state and federal court.


Federal laws give special protection to "protected classes" – primarily age, gender (including sex harassment and discrimination), race, disability, and sexual orientation. Davis & Cannon, LLP's lawyers advise clients on how best to make employment decisions that will avoid problems with members of those protected classes, and we will defend you at the administrative level and in court, when a charge of discrimination has been filed.

State and Federal Agency Procedures

Discrimination charges must begin at the administrative level, either with the Wyoming Department of Employment or the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Often the matter can be resolved at that level, at less cost to the employer than litigation. Our lawyers are experienced with the labyrinths of the administrative process.

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Wrongful Termination

Employment disputes frequently arise when an employee is terminated, whether or not the employee is a member of a "protected class." Resolution of such disputes often depends upon the interpretation of the employment contract; or whether the employee is "at-will" or can be terminated only for cause. Our lawyers have been successful in defending such lawsuits, whether in the case of an individual termination or a larger reduction in force.

Employee Handbooks / Non-compete and Confidentiality Agreements

Employee Handbooks are key to establishing the contractual employment relationship, as well as being a tool for communication to employees. Davis & Cannon, LLP's lawyers are experienced in drafting the right language to meet the employer's objectives, and to comply with the numerous legal requirements from a sexual harassment policy to the Family Medical Leave Act. We have successfully enforced non-compete and confidentiality agreements.


Davis & Cannon, LLP's attorneys have extensive experience defending employment cases in Wyoming's state and federal courts.

Hospital Privileges and Medical Practice Agreements

Davis & Cannon, LLP's lawyers frequently assist physicians with negotiations with hospitals regarding privileges and other practice agreements, we work with the Wyoming Board of Medicine on behalf of physicians, and we help doctors to negotiate practice business agreements or dissolutions. We understand the delicate confidentiality and reporting requirements that can direct many decisions in this area.