Local Government

Cities and counties in Wyoming can face a wide variety of legal issues. While most entities have local counsel, these city or county attorneys often request our assistance in more specialized or time-consuming areas. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting these entities with employee disputes, environmental regulation by state and federal entities, appearing on their behalf before State administrative bodies, defending them in lawsuits, handling road and subdivision disputes, and assisting in the drafting and lobbying of beneficial legislation.

Additionally, attorneys at Davis & Cannon, LLP, provide legal counsel to a number of other governmental entities, such as irrigation districts, joint powers boards, and educational institutions. We assist these entities with contracts, disputes, and a wide variety of business matters.


Public bodies, much like any other employer, encounter disputes with their employees. Davis & Cannon, LLP, is experienced in handling disciplinary proceedings and terminations of public employees, wage disputes, claims against employers under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and employee complaints involving other federal and state laws. Our attorneys also are experienced in drafting employment contracts and employment handbooks tailored to the wide variety of government workers.

Natural Resources

The State of Wyoming and the federal government agencies such as the Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency regulate environmental issues and infractions facing local governments. Our attorneys have successfully defended against notices of violation and obtained reductions of proposed penalties, as well as negotiated with the agencies to address past, existing and new facilities such as landfills and water treatment plants.

Administrative Law

Our attorneys have handled complex administrative matters for local government officials appearing before State boards and commissions. These cases, which include tax disputes certified to the State Board of Equalization and tax appeals involving multi-national energy companies, can present significant issues of precedential and financial significance. We also have provided guidance and advice, including service as hearing officers, for local governments challenged with conducting administrative cases that are likely to be appealed to court, such as subdivision and road disputes. We understand the Administrative Procedure Act and will protect your interests beginning with the initial contested case through the appellate process.

Wyoming Governmental Claims Act

The Wyoming Governmental Claims Act codifies the sovereign immunity enjoyed by most governmental entities in Wyoming, including cities and counties. The Act also allows individuals to make monetary claims against governmental entities in certain limited circumstances. We have successfully defended numerous counties and cities, including their employees and peace officers, under the Act. Our success is due in large part to our breadth of experience, focus on detail and familiarity with the Claims Act.


Cities and counties have unique interests that sometimes cannot be represented by their State Representatives and Senators alone. We are experienced in drafting legislation, and assisting in its passage in the Wyoming legislature. We have the experience to ensure that the unique needs of Wyoming's cities and counties are addressed by the people that matter.