Natural Resources

Wyoming's natural resource wealth creates a constant tension between business development and preservation. Davis & Cannon, LLP's lawyers are skilled in navigating the legal and regulatory thicket that has evolved to achieve the balance between profit and preservation. We also have a long history of successfully representing ranchers, businesses and municipalities in water rights matters.


From coal mines to landfills, we understand the state and federal permitting process and know who to talk to so that the permit application does not get sidetracked. We understand the air quality issues that drive much of development in Wyoming, and we have experience with the Industrial Siting Process. Our lawyers work effectively with the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) and the Environmental Quality Council (EQC).

Administrative Appeals

The agency appeal process can be frustrating and unpredictable at times. The Boards charged with regulation of Wyoming's natural resources often consist of appointees who lack legal training, who often decide matters vital to your property, business or the State's environment. Despite these difficulties, it is vital that you exhaust your administrative remedies before beginning the appeal process. Davis & Cannon, LLP's lawyers are experienced in this process and can navigate you through the procedures to defend your legal rights.

Water Law

Davis & Cannon, LLP has a rich history of extensive water law practice, helping ranchers and irrigation districts to establish and defend their water rights over the past four decades. We routinely handle issues such as abandonment, change in points of diversion, change of use, and issues of beneficial use before the Board of Control. In addition, our lawyers represent municipalities in complex water trade deals, as well as represent various parties in litigation over water rights and related civil actions such as trespass and nuisance related to those water rights.

Coalbed Methane Gas

From our firm's strong roots representing land owners, when the Wyoming Coalbed Methane Gas (CBM) boom began in the early 1990s, Davis & Cannon, LLP's attorneys continued to work for ranchers and other landowners on CBM matters. We have negotiated surface use agreements with favorable terms for landowners, and we have extensively represented ranchers to help solve the issues of CBM water disposal onto their lands. Our lawyers appear frequently to fight for rancher rights before the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council, and in Wyoming's state and federal courts.

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Renewable Energy Resources and Emerging Issues

Familiarity with a spectrum of natural resources matters makes Davis & Cannon, LLP well suited to address alternative energy resources and emerging issues of importance in Wyoming. Our dealings with mineral exploration, development, and leasing have exposed us to related projects, such as coal gasification and coal liquefaction, which we watch with great interest. Wind generated power is growing in Wyoming, and several of our attorneys have negotiated leases for wind farms and advised on the development of wind energy projects. Looking forward, we anticipate great national interest in the implementation of Wyoming's carbon sequestration law and the issues that may arise from carbon storage in Wyoming. As these technologies and ideas evolve, Davis & Cannon, LLP's attorneys will maintain our client-centered approach to managing legal problems associated with these developments.