Oil, Gas and Minerals

Our law firm's attorneys have broad experience representing Wyoming's ranchers and landowners in protecting their land, water and resources and representing clients who work to responsibly develop these natural resources.

Our lawyers in Cheyenne, the State Capitol, provide clients with quick and efficient access to Wyoming State and Federal regulatory agencies dealing with Wyoming's oil, gas, coal and mineral production.

Davis & Cannon, LLP's presence in the Powder River Basin, including Sheridan and Gillette, and ties to western Wyoming, including Sublette County, allows us to be responsive to energy issues across Wyoming.

Oil and Gas Leasing

The firm's practice is landowner and rancher based. Our lawyers are experienced at negotiating leases and related documents for landowners and mineral owners for production of oil, natural gas, coal bed methane (CBM), and uranium. Our attorneys strive to keep abreast of new developments and industry practices to effectively advise our clients in negotiating royalties, bonus payments, and deal terms.

We also represent landowners in negotiating surface use agreements, pipeline easement agreements, road access agreements, and seismic agreements, relating to natural resource development.

Royalty Payment Disputes

The Wyoming Royalty Payment Act (WRPA) places numerous requirements on the mineral producer to provide royalty owners accurate information and timely payment.

Our lawyers are experienced in working with mineral owners, so royalty owners receive the payment and information from oil and gas producers and limiting the type and amount of deductions.

Coal Leasing

Davis & Cannon, LLP regularly advises clients on the lease and sale of land for coal development. Our lawyers have extensive experience reviewing and negotiating transactions to maximize the client's return, while protecting the land's natural beauty and preserving it for future agricultural use. We also have represented coal mines in their dealings with state and federal regulators.


Litigation regarding oil and gas production, mineral production, leasing, surface use agreements, and royalties often involve complex issues which are unique to energy production. With our extensive litigation experience and practical knowledge of the energy industry, we are well-equipped to advocate for our clients.

Mineral Ownership

Transfer of mineral ownership interests may come in the form of a Mineral Deed, a reservation of mineral rights, or through a Decree distributing mineral interests through an estate. Our lawyers have extensive experience researching title and ownership of minerals, and drafting mineral conveyance documents.

Eminent Domain

Under Wyoming law, and under certain circumstances, private property may be taken for private or public use with compensation to the landowner. Oil, gas, and coal mining companies have used eminent domain in Wyoming to acquire private land for use to develop these resources. Our lawyers work with landowners to contest the company's right to take property by eminent domain and, alternatively, negotiate fair compensation for their property.