Real Estate

Since its founding, Davis & Cannon, LLP has represented Wyoming's land owners on a wide variety of property issues.

Purchase and Sale

Whether you are buying or selling, whether it is a home, business, ranch, or rental property, our attorneys have the experience to help you from negotiating listing agreements, drafting the purchase agreement, drafting deeds, easements, restrictive covenants and helping close the deal. We also provide escrow packages for those wishing to enter into contracts for deed to the property.

Access Issues

In Wyoming, access to property is vital. Our attorneys provide services in negotiating and drafting easement agreements, including right-of-way access and utility easements.

Title Disputes

Wyoming's rural landscape is a hotbed for boundary and title disputes. If you find that your property rights are in dispute, our attorneys can work to find solutions to these difficult legal issues.

Mortgages and Liens

Frequently, lending is provided by someone other than a bank, such as an insurance company. Our attorneys are skilled in drafting promissory notes and mortgages to secure interests in all forms of real estate and real property interests, or protect clients from over-reaching. We also represent clients in filing liens on property to protect clients' rights.

See also: Construction Law


Many of our clients own and lease real property throughout Wyoming. Whether it is commercial or residential property, we can help you draft lease agreements, options and business plans to protect your rights and assets.


We represent property owners, lien-holders, and secured lenders in foreclosure proceedings. This includes power of sale foreclosures and judicial foreclosures.

Homeowners' Associations

Our attorneys work with developers and homeowners to create covenants to govern the use and maintenance of their property. We also have experience in litigation dealing with both the enforcement and defense of covenant provisions.

Condominium Projects

Condominium developments are becoming more common. Our attorneys have experience working with developers and planners to create required condominium declarations and legal structure.

Conservation Easements

Our attorneys have a long history of representing non-profit conservancies and individual land owners in the negotiation and granting of conservation easements to various land protection organizations and Trusts.