State and Local Taxation

Our lawyers are experienced advisors on issues involving state and local taxation. For example, we can assist in reviewing transactions for purposes of avoiding sales and use tax compliance problems. If your company needs advice, or has audit questions or concerns, we can guide you along these processes so that you know your options and remedies. We know the statutes, regulations and agency practices governing severance and ad valorem (property) taxes. We have represented local governments, industry, businesses, and individuals before the county and state boards of equalization and in court.


Many agencies are involved in Wyoming's state and local tax system. The Department of Audit conducts all audits and transmits their findings to the Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue values minerals, utilities and railroad properties, and administers the Wyoming mineral tax, sales and use tax, and cigarette tax systems. County Assessors value agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial (non-utility and non-railroad) properties. County Commissioners levy taxes. County Treasurers collect taxes. It is important to know who does what. We can help you understand the players and the systems.

Disputes and Litigation

Different agencies and the courts are involved in resolving tax disputes. County boards of equalization hear cases contesting locally-assessed property taxes. The State Board of Equalization hears appeals of county-assessed property taxes, as well as cases involving state-assessed property taxes and other state tax disputes. County Commissioners have authority to abate taxes. Some cases can proceed directly to court. Strict time frames apply for parties appealing tax disputes.

See also: Complex Litigation

Property Tax

Wyoming's property tax system is based on "fair market value," except for agricultural lands which are valued on productive use. Some properties are self-reported while others are listed and valued. Strict time frames apply each year. We can help you understand the tax rates, who the assessing officers are, and how their values are derived.

Severance Tax

In addition to annual ad valorem (property) taxes levies, minerals severed and sold are subject to Wyoming severance taxes (an excise tax). Mineral production is an extremely complicated area with laws, regulations and cases under regular review. We have assisted clients on both sides of the table – from local governments to mineral producers.


We have a long history of helping clients deal with Wyoming tax audits. Do not run the risk of an audit with incomplete or missing records, poor inventory controls, missed deadlines, or lacking knowledge about complex audit issues that arise in many Wyoming tax audits.