In the United States, most criminal prosecutions are handled within state jurisdictions, meaning the defendant has violated the law and is subsequently tried in a state court.
Asset forfeiture occurs when a person’s assets or property are confiscated by the state, usually after an arrest. Generally, the tool is used by law enforcement agencies hoping to disrupt and deter criminals and criminal organizations by depriving them of their ill-gotten gains.
There are few things as stressful as facing a criminal charge. Fortunately, under the U.S. Constitution and Wyoming state law, you have rights that protect you. Whether you believe your Wyoming arrest is fair or not, never resist arrest. Instead, say you wish to remain silent and ask for a Wyoming criminal defense lawyer.
Getting charged with any type of DUI in Wyoming has serious consequences, but if aggravating circumstances are present at the time of your arrest, the penalties can be particularly severe.
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